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LED Scrolling Display Project Working With Circuit Diagram

On Call Services Fast! normally use a simple static LED display screen to convey a message. Earlier, when we want to display large data, we used to change message for every few instances. Now scrolling displays are more preferred to static. By using a pre programmed controller, we can make LED display in scrolling way.

On Call Services Fast! can also make LED to adoptable by using PC controller based system. Simple Outdoor LED Message Moving or Scrolling Sign Board, Electronic projects using LED Scroller Generator for outdoor digital signs, Marketable LED sign board with Message scrolling are the examples of the scrolling LED display.

     Scrolling LED Display Working With Circuit Diagram

Let’s have a discussion about LED scrolling display with circuit diagrams. Scrolling LED display can be implemented in various methods.Two methods are widely in use, first one is decade counters and another one using shift registers. The shift register is easy to implement for beginners. Let’s discuss about LED using shift registers.Scrolling LED display panel is implemented by using microcontrollers like 8051, AVR and PIC micontroller. Here we discuss about implementing using 8051 microcontroller for simple electronic projects.


     LED Dot Matrix To WorkLED

Scrolling message display matrix can be made to work, by connecting all the anodes to a microcontroller and the columns are connected to shift register (74LS164). Every column contains ‘N’ LED’s so that the total current flowing through the column is the sum of current flowing through each LED.

The current flowing through each LED is 20mA and the total current is N*20mA .The shift register is not capable to sink such a large current n*2mA, Here we need a large current sinker (IC ULN 2803) which is capable to sink 500mA current.