Local Batteries

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Provide all kind of batries

  •     Automotive/SLI & Power Back UP Battery in dry charge and wet charge (Maintenance )      covering the full range of JIS and popular range of DIN
  •     Battery for SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) and LI (Lighting, Ignition)
  •     Tubular Batteries for Solar power, Motive power and Deep cycle purpose
  •     The only local manufacture VRLA batteries for Telecommunication @ extreme temperatures      (-150C ~ 450C)
  •     Has also the facility of Acid Purification and manufacturing of PVC separator
  •     Biggest exporter of Lead Acid batteries
  •     The plant is spread over 15 acres of land
  •     Has complete in house facility of injection molding for manufacturing of      Containers/Covers/Accessories of all types of batteries being manufactured